McKay Otto: Vanishing Vibrations

July 21 - August 20, 2022

“My work sets the stage for asking, do we ever reach the unreachable ever …

In consideration of the dimensional relationships that exist between painting and sculpture, my work is obsessed with the expression of color, light, and the way we perceive these things.

In this latest series, the black assemblage sculptures maintain a focus on structure and design with shifts in dimension that demonstrate the possibilities of black paint — all the while unifying the form.

While gazing upon the matte-black outer surface, viewers are led to discover the quietness inherent within an inner infinity of possibilities manifested by each ethereal light box. These semi-transparent surfaces provide the opportunity to transform traditional ways of looking. My process creates work that blurs the distinction between the material and immaterial. 

Despite what your eyes are telling you, the notion of being able to see beyond the surface changes preconceived ideas of pictorial space. 

And it’s beyond black — the absorption of light in the material world leads to the discovery of what is reflected by the universal truth.”

-McKay Otto