Jack Thompson: The Time Between

July 08 - September 03, 2021

a note from Jack:

The Time Between is a collection of my experiences in the first few months of COVID.

From intimate moments captured within my home and still lives of our surrounding space, to a haunting project involving nurses in COVID units and a brief glimpse of normalcy on a trip to Galveston, The Time Between may only make sense to someone who has lived through that uncertain time.

In March of 2020 I was onsite at a job when everything stopped. Around 9:30am I started getting calls and within the day all of my jobs were cancelled.

Once COVID hit, I couldn’t just sit around the house and watch tv. Things got boring pretty quick so that’s when I turned the camera on my family. At first, they weren’t very patient with me and then over time I began to just pick my moments and figure out if I could do a portrait of each of them, what would I do? This then developed into these multi-image sequences that turned into captured moments.

Seeing my family through a camera lens made me slow down and pay attention to things more. My house is the loudest on the block with 3 kids and 4 dogs, so at this time everyone was trying to carve out their own space within our house. Capturing these moments for me was a way of showing my love for my family.

At some point I also began photographing the space around our house, still lives in the backyard and shots of the bayou in our neighborhood. I was curious about what was going on in the world and started a portrait project working at three different hospitals photographing COVID unit nurses before and after shifts. This was a stressful time for my family and made it all very real for us.

My partner Tara is the person who makes our house a home, she steers our ship of a house. This time was hard, not just because of COVID but also because of the political environment and she really held us all together. She led the kids through distance learning which wasn’t easy but throughout all of this, our kids ended up thriving and became very self-motivated.

All of Tara’s cares and worries are about the kids; she is an amazing mom and that carries over and makes our house pretty amazing. This is where the Tara Makes Matzo Ball Soup series comes from. She was also the one who planned the Galveston trip, a safe way for us to get out, off the beaten path. This was a really nice break for us but almost felt unreal, like a fever dream. The kids were laughing in the waves one moment and then the next we were suddenly home again.

I see this show as a love letter to my family, they were there for me during this time and it changed us all.