Ted Lawson

Ted Lawson is an American artist working across all media. He develops his ideas through multiple concurrent series of works that conceptually overlap and interconnect as they progress. The diverse range of materials and underlying technologies he engages are bound together by oft recurring art-historical themes and cultural mythology projected upon his own contemporary personal mythos.

Lawson usually begins each series with a question, a theory, or an anxious emotional equation that can only be known when the objects are manifested and fully materialized. To Lawson, process equals truth while all else is merely the beautiful illusion of meticulous craft. Revealing clues to this path is essential to each finished piece. Where no medium or method currently exists to extract the concept, he will develop or invent one. The resulting forms are both poetic and abstracted, yet often distinctly hyper-real. They are decoys designed to lure the viewer across an uncanny valley with the objective of creating an immediate emotional connection with their unsuspecting gaze.

In paintings, sculptures and myriad situational tableaux, Lawson’s work often adheres to an overall monochromatic tonality, even while its constituent parts are as disparate as synthetic hair, robotic eyes, stainless steel, cast silicone, MDF or the cast-off ready-mades made instantly available by consumer culture and ever more rapid cycles of planned obsolescence. He is known to use digital technology and algorithms as both a window into our future selves and a regressive analogy of our time.

Born in 1970 in Brookline, Massachusetts, Ted Lawson currently lives and works in Long Island City, NY.