Patrick Wilson

Patrick Wilson is an abstract painter and perceptualist, whose idiosyncratic work is imbued with such California movements as ‘Hard Edge’ and ‘Light and Space,’ and a keen discipline of observing and considering the ever-changing contemporary landscape.

Throughout his career, Wilson has continuously played with the idea of making paintings within paintings. For the past twenty years Wilson has produced precisely layered super-flat paintings that seem at once both solid and transparent. And in his most recent works, the artist’s unique and masterful sense of materiality — fastidiously applied layers of acrylic paint — reveals an evolutionary step into further complex fields of color that resemble slow-moving atmospheric puzzles of light and space with no clear solution yet allowing for fluidity and openness. Often caught in a zone between extreme physical precision and optical ambiguity, Wilson’s work triggers not just curiosity, but the ability to perceive the beauty of refined complexity.

Patrick Wilson (b. 1970, Redding, CA) received his Bachelor of Arts degree at the University of California, Davis in 1993 and his Master of Fine Art degree at Claremont Graduate University in Claremont, CA in 1995. He has had numerous solo exhibitions, including Vielmetter Los Angeles, Miles McEnery Gallery, New York, NY; “Evolving Geometries: Line, Form, and Color,” Moss Art Center at Virginia Tech University, Blacksburg, VA; “Patrick Wilson: Pull,” University Art Museum, California State University Long Beach, Long Beach, CA; “Slow Motion Action Painting,” Marx & Zavattero, San Francisco, CA; and “Slow Food,” Curator’s Office, Washington, D. C.