Jenny Sharaf

Jenny Sharaf​ is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in San Francisco, CA. Her paintings, installations, murals, videos, and happenings celebrate process, while reflecting on art history, counterculture, feminism and abstraction. She explores the mythology of California, Hollywood vernacular and the quintessential “California girl” in the work, partly because of her family’s legacy in the film and television industry and growing up in Los Angeles. Sharaf earned her MFA from Mills College. Her saturated color palettes feel referential to art history and pop culture yet are uniquely her own. Often, they stand alone as vivid psychedelic house paint passages swirling across large canvases or are applied directly to walls to create large immersive fields of color. Other times, they fall over magazine images from the 1960s and 70s to explore the history behind California’s sorted female mystique — or applied to grand landscape images to provoke a sense of nostalgia for a time we never knew was so deeply grounded in this altered terrain; deepening and bringing light to what being a California artist means. Sharaf’s process is very intuitive and goes back and forth between digital and analog, connecting in formal and conceptual ways. Her work aims to make art and art environments that are simultaneously nuanced, accessible and transcendent.

In more recent series, Sharaf explores the intersection of fashion and art as they relate to the fast-paced seasons, international calendars and global trends. Choosing tweeds, Bridget Riley inspired strips, tartans and ginghams as the surface backdrop to loud splashes of color, there is a tension between homogenization and expression, femininity and materiality.

Sharaf’s work is in the permanent collections of Ace Hotel, Google, Rachel Zoe Inc, Yoko Ono, Capital One and more. She is currently working on some exciting fashion brand collaborations and preparing for large scale wall-painting takeovers in Beirut, Lebanon.